Myisha Jones, CEO, CTRS, CPRP
New Horizons Concierge Firm Phone: (213)524-6925
I am Myisha J., the CEO of New Horizons Concierge Firm & Manager of Greater Los Angeles Veteran Affairs Therapeutic Recreation Services, continuing to deliver successful holistic lifestyle supports through Recreation Leisure, and Sports en masse for over 22 years. Building accelerated pipelines for progressive recreation and health professionals who embody transformative change now in the digital age. The evolution of leisure is a gloriously bright. I am a Humanitarian, Recreation Enthusiast, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Holistic Hospitality & Tourism Consultant, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and co-host of Recreation Rooster Podcast.

Daniel Schiavo, MS, CTRS
LeisureDan Consulting Services
Phone: (845)987-0104
I am a Master’s Level CTRS and Licensed Elementary, Special Education Teacher, & Recreation Enthusiast with over a decade and a half of experience. This education and my experiences have demonstrated valuable for providing psycho-education, as well as offering counseling and psychotherapy. Therefore, Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis have been primarily my specialties. I believe in a strengths-based, ecological approach, which sees the whole person in context with their environment and embraces diversity. Therefore, I have enjoyed working with people of all ages, races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and ability levels. As much as possible, I promote person-centered care and independence, as people generally wish to be integrated into the communities in which they live, work, and play. I continuously keep up with continuing education and have continued to learn and teach in all aspects of the health and wellness aspects of individuals, groups, families, and communities. I am the co-host of Recreation Rooster Podcast.